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The latest from Israel: Egypt offers new Israel-Hamas prisoner swap

(Photo credit should read SAID KHATIB/AFP/Getty Images)

Egypt Offers New Israel-Hamas Prisoner Swap

Egypt has just come forward to broker a brand-new prisoner swap between Israel and Hamas, a deal that potentially gives Israel it's first-ever intel on the Israeli citizens and soldiers currently being held in Gaza.


Israeli P.M. Passes Through Colombia To Mexico

The Israeli Prime Minister has just passed through Colombia after wrapping up a 2 and a half day trip in Argentina. Netanyahu vows to support Colombia in post-civil war reconstruction efforts.


Israeli P.M. Wraps Up First Visit In Argentina

Israeli PM Netanyahu praised the Argentinian President's efforts to solve the bombing of a Buenos Aires Jewish Center in 1994, a terror accident that has been blamed on Iran.


Haredi Draft Decision Ignites Controversy

The High Court has decided to strike down the exemption of the ultra-Orthodox from army service and the move is fiercely dividing the Jewish state.


Palestinian Bid For U.N. Tourism Org Gets Nixed

The Palestinians have suddenly completely withdrawn their request for recognition by the United Nations World Tourism Organization.


Qatar Tries To Meet With U.S. Jewish Leaders

According to reports, Qatar has hired a leading PR firm based in Washington DC to help arrange meetings with several prominent American Jewish leaders.


Connect Your Hearing To The I.O.T.

Udi Doron, CEO of Medton speaking at ILTV studio about Israeli company Medton that helps you hear like never before.


Hospital Offers Bed-Ridden Kids A Virtual Safari

The real-life safari in Ramat Gan is collaborating with Israel’s Tel Ha-Shomer hospital and has placed cameras throughout their facility’s monkey cages to livestream for bedridden kids.


Get Ready For Emojis Like You’ve Never Seen Them

Omer Dekel, Vice President of Sales at PMI, won the Sony bid to create their line of Emoji products.


Famous Chefs Of The World Unite In Israel

The third annual Round Tables Festival is about to open in Israel meaning sixty of the world’s top chefs from international restaurants will be gathering in the holy land for one of the biggest cultural cuisine events of the year.


Report: Israel Behind Awesome Iphone-X Tech

The latest feature of iPhone-ten is a revolutionary face-recognition software called ‘Face I.D.’ is rumored to have been co-authored by an Israeli start-up.


Top Five Israeli Gifts For $100 Or Less

The top-5 coolest gifts under 100 dollars, made right here in Israel.


Hebrew word Of The Day: TARVAD | תרבד = SPATULA

Learn a new Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "tarvad" which means "spatula"


The Weather Forecast

Tonight should be partly cloudy with a low of seventy-eight or twenty-six degrees Celsius. And thankfully we can finally can expect a drop in temperatures over the weekend to a high of about eighty-five or twenty-nine degrees Celsius.


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