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The latest news from Israel: Israeli jets strike Syrian weapons depot
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The latest news from Israel: Israeli jets strike Syrian weapons depot

Israeli Jets Strike Syrian Weapons Depot

Israeli jets are believed to have struck a Syrian weapons depot near the Syria-Lebanon border. Arabic media has reported massive explosions in the region, claiming they’re from four Israeli airstrikes, and that eyewitnesses have actually seen Israeli jets in the sky.


New Footage Of Gilad Shalit In Captivity Released

Hamas has just released new footage of Gilad Shalit, the Israeli soldier that they held in captivity for 5 whole years.


Aftermath Of The New York City Terror Attack

Ephraim Herrera Ph.D, Expert on Islam speaking at ILTV studio about the aftermath of the New York terror attack that left 8 people dead.


Amnesty Worker Denied Entry Into Israel

Israel has just denied an American member of Amnesty International from entering Israel. The Interior Ministry has confirmed that the man, who is also of Palestinian descent, was blocked because of the B.D.S. movement.


Israeli News Website Gets Hacked

The Israeli-based news website “Times of Israel” has just apparently been hacked by pro-Palestinian Turkish activists.


Apple To Release Iphone X Tomorrow

Max Bluvband, CEO & founder of Apps-village speaking at ILTV studio about the features on the iPhone 10 that were developed in Israel.


Israel Reportedly Cuts Arms Sales To Myanmar

Israel has been under fire recently for allegedly selling weapons to Myanmar, an African country accused by the U.N. of ethnic cleansing. Now French intelligence is reporting that Israel has halted all arms sales to Myanmar.


100 Years After Balfour

Today marks the one hundred year anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, the British pledge to create a national homeland for the Jewish people, in what was then known as British-mandated Palestine.


Israeli Furniture Co. A Go-To For Hotels

Israel Segal, CEO of Equip Hotel Supply Co. speaking at ILTV studio about the latest trends in hotel furniture and equipment.


Teaching Israeli And Hebrew Culture In The U.S.

Two Hebrew charter schools in New York are taking 33 students on a 10 day trip to Israel. The kids spend all year learning every aspect of Israeli culture and history, and speak flawless Hebrew.


Hungry For Some Fruit Fly Larvae?

A new Israeli start-up has revolutionized the way we consume protein by compressing fruit fly larvae into a powder and oil extract that can be used as a substitute for meat.


Ancient Remains Of Pregnant Woman Discovered

For the first time ever, archaeologists have come across the remains of an Egyptian female in southern Israel who turned out to be pregnant.


Top 5 Fun Facts About Israel

ILTV’s Emanuelle Kadosh bringing the top 5 fun facts about Israel.


Hebrew word Of The Day: KTZITZA | קציצה = MEATBALL

Learn a new Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "ktzitza" which means "meatball"


The Weather Forecast

Tonight will be partly cloudy with a drop in temperatures to a low of about sixty-one or sixteen degrees Celsius. Over the weekend the temperatures are expected to drop a bit more with light rain in the north and highs around seventy-four or twenty-three degrees Celsius.

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