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The left's 'triggers’ now include chicken sandwiches and long hair

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Wednesday on “The Morning Blaze,” Doc Thompson shared the latest roundup of things that “trigger” the politically correct.

“Do chicken sandwiches trigger you? Listening to vice presidents speak about life makes you unsafe? Having long nice hair is wrong because of ‘hair privilege’? … All triggers, all horrible things you need a safe space from.”

Last month, a student at Duquesne University said the school’s plans to bring a Chick-fil-A restaurant to campus might put LGBT students “at risk.”

“The chicken is good. That’s all you need to know,” Doc said, referencing NFL linebacker Justin Durant’s 2012 tweet which said Chick-fil-A was “too tasty” for CEO Dan Cathy’s personal beliefs to matter.

In another recent example of PC culture gone amok, University of Notre Dame students launched a campaign against Vice President Mike Pence after he was asked to be their commencement speaker. Students wrote on whiteboards about feeling “unsafe” hosting Pence on campus, rallying around the Twitter campaign #notmycommencementspeaker.

The "hair privilege" story, meanwhile, comes from a Villanova student who shaved her head so she could be "liberated" from social norms.

After reviewing these bizarre developments, Doc found himself flabbergasted: “Have you lost your minds?”

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