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The touching way this man has been honoring veterans has now gone viral

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A Florida man started using his day off to clean grimy headstones on the graves of veterans. His cause went viral, and he has since been honored by the Department of Veterans Affairs and Florida Gov. Rick Scott.

Andrew Lumish is known as the “good cemetarian” for his work meticulously cleaning and restoring gravestones with a special solution and a soft brush. He joined Friday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program” to share his story.

A photographer in his spare time, Lumish came across some soldiers’ headstones dating as far back as the Civil War. He was astonished to see that the beautiful old gravestones were covered with dirt, mold and other grime.

“It kind of infuriated me,” he said. “I was really upset by it.”

Lumish decided to learn how to clean gravestones properly, and his labor of love took off. Incredible before-and-after photos on his Instagram page show what a difference the restoration work makes for each headstone.

John Newton Dugger was born more than 141 years ago on June 2nd 1876 when Ulysses S Grant's occupied the Oval Office as the 18th President of the United States... ▪▪▪ Interesting events that occurred during Mr. Duggers birth year included... •• On March 7th 1876... Alexander Graham Bell is granted a patent for his new invention... He calls it the "Telephone" •• On June 25th... The Battle of Little Bighorn takes place... 300 men of the United States 7th Cavalry Regiment led by Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer are wiped out by 5000 Lakota, Cheyenne, and Arapaho tribes lead by Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse... •• On August 1st 1876 Colorado is admitted as the 38th state in the Union... John and his Mother Martha lived with Martha's Brother Newton Dugger in Hillsborough County, Florida…John’s uncle served with the Confederate States Army in Company 57 Georgia Infantry during the Civil War… On August 1st 1883, Uncle Newton was granted 159 acres of land in return for his military service which he utilized for general farming as a source of income… John Newton Dugger passed away on August 23rd 1895... He was just 19 years old... John Newton Dugger... Before & After... #veteran #army #military #tampa #tampabay #bayarea #florida #history #historic #picture:#confederatestatesarmy #civilwar #soldier #military #cemetery #monument #tombstone #gravestone #graveyard_life #photography #picture #before&after

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Besides cleaning the monuments, Lumish works to uncover the person’s history through research and genealogies.

“Early on, I decided we’re going to tell their story,” he said.

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