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TheBlaze reporter Kaitlyn Schallhorn helped bring clean water to Kenyan villages

Mike Opelka
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Kaitlyn Schallhorn, assistant editor at TheBlaze, joined “Pure Opelka” on Saturday to talk about her recent trip to Kenya with World Vision.

“[World Vision] brought clean water to different villages on the eastern coast of Kenya, where they do not have access to water, much less clean water, at all,” Schallhorn described.

The organization brings equipment for digging wells to villages that are miles away from clean drinking water. World Vision’s wells provide both clean water and jobs to the villages since people are needed to maintain the wells.

Mike Opelka reminded the audience to think about the difficulties so many people face when they simply want a drink of water. People in the U.S. are accustomed to turning on the tap for all the water they want, but Schallhorn saw a much different process in Kenya:

“You would see young children kind of scooping what I guess you would call ‘water’ off of the side of the road; it was more like mud. That was the only thing they had access to, so that’s what they would use for drinking or cooking or cleaning or anything. There are so many kids from these villages who walk four or five miles just one way per day to carry a jug of water back from a stream or an unclean pond so their family can have an attempt to survive.”

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