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These TV sketches show how to mock political correctness effectively

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TV’s “The Birthday Boys” and “Portlandia” both recently lampooned political correctness with jokes, demonstrating that using sketch comedy may be the best way to combat PC culture.

On Wednesday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program,” Glenn Beck and the guys took a look at a sketch from each show that depicted the absurdity of a society that has gone to the absolute extreme when it comes to political correctness.

“Culture always leads,” Glenn affirmed. “The Democrats overplaying their hands? Oh yes, they are.”

In one sketch, the cast of “The Birthday Boys” took on the idea that there is no definition to a family, e.g., when people say it’s fine for kids to have three parents. A family doesn’t need to be a mom and a dad with two kids in a suburban house—a family can have a dad that’s really a woman or a family can even be “30 kids, a Hyundai Elantra and three quarts of milk.”

“Portlandia” offered a sketch about “National Coming-Out Day,” so people can “know that coming out is for everyone,” lampooning a culture where people keep making up new definitions of sexuality and gender. In the sketch, people come out as absurd sexual orientations like “hetero-plausible,” which means “I’m really gay but I tell my parents I could be straight” and “homo-logical,” or “I should be gay, but I’m not.”

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