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This author is calling men back to the nobility they were created to embody

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What makes a man? Our society seems unsure these days, but one author has defined manhood with “seven virtues” that include clear vision, self-sacrifice, passion and grit. Author Mark Batterson joined “The Glenn Beck Radio Program” on Friday to talk about his new book, “Play the Man: Becoming the Man God Created You to Be,” and to explain why we need a new definition of manhood.

In time for Father’s Day this weekend, Batterson and Glenn Beck talked about the true definition of becoming a man and the seven virtues that the author says are “key” to manhood but lacking in today’s culture.

Batterson shared the background behind the title of his book, which references the martyr Polycarp and the story where he heard a voice from heaven saying, "Play the man." The seven virtues detailed in the book are tough love, childlike wonder, willpower, raw passion, true grit, clear vision, and moral courage.

He described a moment of asking a group of men if they were intentionally taught manhood by their dads to find that only a few could raise their hands.

“What we have is a culture where men don’t really know what it means to be men of God and fathers don’t really know what it means to be a spiritual father,” Batterson said. The book was about saying “here are seven virtues that I think we can work on as men,” he explained.

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