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This climate warrior's swimming pool uses more energy than six homes use in a year

Paul Bradbury / Getty Images

Former vice president and climate change evangelist Al Gore has a new global warming documentary coming out to follow up his Oscar-winning “An Inconvenient Truth.” In “An Inconvenient Sequel,” Gore steps out from in front of the PowerPoint and takes his sermon on the road.

What is unclear is whether his travels used as much or more energy than his Tennessee home, as discussed by Mike Opelka on Wednesday's "Pure Opelka." The National Center for Policy Analysis posted a table documenting the Gore home's energy use over the past year.

Drew Johnson of the Daily Caller reported that this figure shows Gore uses 34 times more energy than the average American household per month. The energy spent heating just his swimming pool, Mike highlighted, would heat six American homes for a year.

Even ABC reported on Gore's then $30,000 a month power bill -- back in 2007. He does not seem to have been inspired by his own film to change his ways.

"I need your energy, so you must stop using it," Mike said, doing his best Al Gore impersonation.

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