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This medical issue is not your fault -- it's the food industry's, say researchers

Jeff Fisher
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The food industry offers a number of nutrient-poor, calorie-dense items to ingest. Subsequently, the Western world's waistline is widening. Canada's Dalhousie University lays the blame squarely on how food is marketed to consumers.

Professors Sara F.L. Kirk and Jessie-Lee McIsaac argue that marketing makes us want delicious, but not very nutritious foods -- such as the donuts someone left in Jeffy Fisher's office -- and then blames you for over-consuming them. They liken product placement and the resultant weight gain to the concept of criminal entrapment.

Super-size meal options and buy-one-get-one-free deals spur us on to ever more consumption. Research by food companies ups the flavor quotient toward irresistible heights.

"I've been set up! It was entrapment!" Jeffy declared on "The Jeff Fisher Show." The researchers label the entire western world, essentially, as an "obesogenic environment."

Jeffy was happy to learn he is not responsible for his weight gain and has decided he's a huge fan of obesogenic environments.

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