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Wealthy town whose population is 92% white holds essay contest on 'White Privelage

Glenn Beck
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The town of Westport, Connecticut, whose population is made up of 92% white people according to the 2010 census, recently held a high school essay contest. The subject? White Privilege. Now that the winner has been announced, Pat Gray wanted to talk about the story on "The Glenn Beck Radio Program."

"In Westport, Connecticut, where the median income is $152,000, you're going to start doing 'white privilege' contests? What hypocrisy," Pat stated.

Glenn chimed in that it was merely another politically correct attempt by white liberals to feel better about themselves:

"Because they'll say, 'Okay, sure I have advantages; I've moved to a town that is almost 100 percent white, but I'm open minded. I flog myself at night.'"

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