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What do you do when your chickens just won’t lay eggs?

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How do you fire chickens that aren't earning their keep?

Cam Edwards and Miss E were struggling with their chickens again on this week’s episode of “40 Acres & a Fool.” Their laying hens have simply not been laying, and they hoped that listeners would have tips for what to do.

“We still don’t have any bleepin’ eggs from our chickens!” Cam explained.

He was puzzled about what the problem could be, and he and Miss E went through a list of possible issues. There were no snakes in the area to pose a problem for the chickens, and temperatures had dropped, so their lack of eggs didn’t seem to be related to heat.

“I gave them a one-week warning yesterday,” Miss E said, darkly hinting that it might be time to get some new chickens.

Cam wondered if they needed more protein, but he and Miss E talked about how much protein the chickens already eat each week, including seeds and Purina chicken feed.

“They’re just not doing their job,” Miss E said.

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