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What would Reagan have done about Obamacare? The answer might surprise you.

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How would Ronald Reagan have handled the issue of repealing Obamacare? Simply put, he would have looked to provide welfare programs for those who really needed help, not universal programs that cover people who don't need the help.

“Reagan’s views on health-care reform might surprise those who think of him as a libertarian absolutist,” claimed Avik Roy in a recent National Review article.

According to Roy, President Ronald Reagan was actually a proponent of universal health care coverage. Roy backed up his claims by citing “The Working Class Republican,” by Henry Olsen, which quotes Reagan as saying, “No one in this country should be denied medical care for lack of funds. Any person in the United States who requires medical attention and cannot provide for himself should have it provided for him.”

Today on “Pat & Stu,” Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere, and Jeffy Fisher agreed that fundamental, universal coverage programs are destined to do more harm than good.

“There should be no such thing as a universal program,” said Stu. “There should only be welfare programs. If you’re going to have a government program that’s going to spend money … it should never ever do it for everybody. It should only do it for people who are really in need.”

“The government [should be] the very last resort, and so it shouldn’t happen very often,” added Pat.

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