What would you do with 3 big boxes of mushrooms?

Get your mushroom recipes ready: After a friend of a friend had a produce truck break down, Cam Edwards and Miss E found themselves the recipients of three huge boxes of mushrooms – far too much to eat in one sitting.

On this week’s episode of “40 Acres & a Fool,” Cam and Miss E talked about their solution for not letting the rescued mushrooms go to waste. They were given a box containing 6 pounds of sliced Portobello mushrooms, a box with whole baby Portobello mushrooms, and a third box containing loose white button mushrooms, according to Miss E.

She got inventive with preserving the delicious fungi, deciding to dehydrate 3 pounds of the Portobello mushrooms to use later in cream of mushroom soup. Some of the mushrooms were canned to use in recipes later, and a number were tossed into a tempura-like batter to be deep-fried. Miss E’s secret ingredient for deep-fried mushrooms? Panko, or breadcrumbs that are typically used in Japanese cooking and provide a crispy texture for fried foods.

“Panko is the key here because panko made them so crunchy,” Miss E said.

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