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Who’s replacing Comey? Not this guy

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Former FBI director James Comey has not yet been replaced after he was abruptly fired by President Donald Trump last week. As leaks come out of the Trump administration, a big question is who will replace Comey as head of the FBI when transparency is more important than ever.

A big name took his hat out of the ring on Wednesday when Jeffy Fisher declared on “Pat & Stu” that he was removing himself from the running for FBI director.

“The FBI and I don’t necessarily always see eye to eye,” Jeffy confessed. "I might be the best person to take it over, but I'm just taking my name out of the ring." Because people like Rep. Trey Gowdy and Sen. John Cornyn have taken themselves out of the running, Jeffy thought he would be polite and do the same thing.

“A lot of people were waiting on the edge of their seats,” Stu Burguiere joked.

“President Trump, thank you, no,” Jeffy said.

Last weekend, Cornyn and at least seven other people were interviewed by officials from the Justice Department about the FBI director position, CNN reported. Senate Republicans including Sens. Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins have suggested that a politician may not be the best choice to replace Comey in light of the firestorm that ensued after he was abruptly fired. Comey was leading the FBI in an investigation into Russia’s influence on the 2016 election, and the administration gave multiple, contradictory answers as to why he was terminated.

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