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Developers spend $500M creating theme park based on liberal environmental activist movie


Disney has invested half a billion dollars into a new theme attraction based on the movie “Avatar.” Set on 12 acres, Flight of Passage will open to the public later this month at Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom in Florida, the Associated Press reported. 2009’s “Avatar” was a huge box office hit directed by James Cameron and featured cutting-edge CGI; it will reportedly have multiple sequels in the next few years.

On Thursday’s “Pat & Stu,” Stu Burguiere was unimpressed, saying “Avatar” lacked iconic characters and wasn’t a memorable enough movie to warrant a $500 million theme park despite its huge box office haul. “It was a throwaway, ‘Wow the technology’s cool, let’s go see it, eh, that was OK,’ and then they’re done with it,” he said.

Even though Jeffy Fisher is a big fan, he couldn’t seem to remember much about the movie either.

“Give me five of the names of the main characters off the top of your head,” Stu challenged, naming iconic Star Wars characters like Han Solo and Jabba the Hut as a contrast.

“Well, there was the one guy,” Jeffy attempted to remember. “The point is, there’s a lot of cool things they’ll be able to do for rides.” He thought it would be fun to go on a ride where you become “one of the blue people with the tail.”

“What are the blue people called?” Stu asked.

“I can’t remember,” Jeffy admitted.

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