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Yaron Brook: We need these 3 things for a real strategy in Afghanistan


President Donald Trump is expected to address U.S. involvement in Afghanistan at 9 p.m. ET today, with one source saying that he is likely to announce an increase in troops.

Trump will probably announce a “modest” increase in sending troops, a senior administration official told Reuters. The U.S. has around 8,400 troops in Afghanistan, which is the longest military conflict in America’s history.

U.S. troops have been in Afghanistan for almost 16 years, and we still don’t know what we’re doing, Yaron Brook asserted on this week’s episode of “The Yaron Brook Show.”

“I would argue: We didn’t know what we were doing when we went there, and there hasn’t been a day since then that we’ve known what we’re doing,” he said.

Yaron predicted that Trump won’t offer much more of a strategy than his predecessors did in his address Monday evening.

“It will be meaningless,” he said. “It will lead to nothing.”

Trump does have one strength: being able to name the enemy. Yaron detailed the three things the country needs in a strategy for Afghanistan and the war with terrorists: identifying the enemy, finding out where terrorists get their funding from, and figuring out which regimes best represent the enemy’s ideology.

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