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You'll be excited to learn your tax dollars were spent to help ducks with this

Doc Thompson
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Glenn Beck dropped in to visit "The Morning Blaze" crew while they pondered an addition made to the Capitol Reflection Pool. On Monday, ramps were installed as a way for ducks to have easier access.

Doc Thompson quipped that the ducks have been going to that pool forever and have been okay so far. "And you know what's all over D.C.? A river. It's called the Potomac. The ducks can come in and out."

Doc explained that the U.S. Capitol architects designed these ramps and used tax dollars to do it. Glenn asked if Doc had a problem with that stating, "What about all the ducks with wheelchairs? How are they going to get out?"

"The Morning Blaze" crew joked about the specifics of the ramps design and what they plan to do for foreign birds flying to the pond.

Thompson spotted a flaw in the design from a recent promotional video: the ramps are actually too slippery for the ducklings to climb up. Producer Khal Elsebai felt that this only gives the government another reason to employ more people and spend more money to redesign the ramp to be more duck friendly.

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