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ZION News: African asylum-seekers in Israel choose jail over deportation

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Saudi Arabia To Allow Flights To Israel Overhead

For the first time in history, Saudi Arabia is allowing flights headed to Israel to fly over its airspace. This is the first real example of warming ties between Saudi Arabia and Israel.


Israeli Man Stabbed In Gush Etzion

A 34 year-old Israeli man was stabbed in Gush Etzion by a 19 year-old Palestinian who approached him and lightly wounded him in an attempted stabbing. The terrorist was neutralized by a security guard on the scene.


Both Sides Mourn In The Aftermath

Thousands have just gathered to mourn the death of Rabbi Itamar Ben Gal, the 29 year-old father of four who was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist in the West Bank earlier this week.


Israeli Airstrikes Reported In Syria

Syria has just accused Israel of launching a wave of airstrikes on a military outpost just outside of Damascus. The site in question is linked to a key research center believed to be producing chemical weapons.


Fighting For An Independent Kurdistan

Dr. Nemam Ghafouri, Founder & Chairwoman of Joint Help for Kurdistan speaking at ILTV studio about the organization "Join Help for Kurdistan" and the efforts to establish a new Kurdish state.


Asylum Seekers Choose Jail Over Deportation

The Israeli government has just informed nearly twenty-thousand asylum seekers from Africa that they will be jailed indefinitely if they don’t agree to be deported to a third-party, unnamed country in Africa. But the majority of asylum seekers choose jail over deportation.


U.N.R.W.A. Enters Crisis Mode

The Trump administration’s decision to cut nearly half of its funds to the united nation’s agency for Palestinian refugees has brought the agency to the brink of crisis.


Poland’s Holocaust Bill Becomes Law

Poland’s President has just signed the country’s controversial holocaust bill officially into law. That means people can now be fined or even face jail time for using the words “polish death camp” to describe Nazi concentration camps in Poland.


Bringing Business To The Holy Land

Adv. Tamir Dayan, CEO of the Tel Aviv Convention Center speaking at ILTV studio about a new convention center that aims to gather people together to fight B.D.S.


Israel Says ‘Shalom’ To Walmart

International retailer Walmart is sending representatives to Israel in just a few weeks. Israeli government announced that Walmart reps are looking into opening local branch.


Track Your Investments

Ori David Simantov, CEO & Co-Founder of Altcoin Consultant speaking at ILTV studio about 'Altcoin Consultant' that indexes cryptocurrencies using A.I engine.


Fashion Week To Get Kibbutz-Chic

Israeli fashion designer Lia Kes who was born and raised in a kibbutz Afikim had her new collection announced on the official calendar for the New York Fashion Week.


Hebrew word Of The Day: SIGNON | סִגְנוֹן = STYLE

Learn a New Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "signon" which means "style"


The Weather Forecast

Tonight should be partly cloudy with a low of fifty-six or thirteen degrees Celsius. Then tomorrow you can expect an additional rise in temperatures to a high of seventy-eight or twenty-six degrees Celsius as the winter heat-wave is set to continue.

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