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ZION News: Israel tells African asylum-seekers 'leave or be thrown in jail indefinitely


Shin Bet busts Iranian operation in West Bank

Israel has accused Iran of both funding and organizing worldwide Terror campaigns against the Jewish state, and the Shin Best has just confirmed that an alleged Iranian Terror Cell was busted in the West Bank.


Use of death penalty clears first Knesset vote

A controversial bill allowing the state to order convicted Terrorists to death has just cleared its first hurdle. Proponents, including Prime Minister Netanyahu, say its high-time that terrorists should face the death penalty, but many argue it actually works against Israeli interests.


Israel tells Asylum seekers: “leave, or jail”

The Israeli government is clamping down on the country’s community of African asylum-seekers once and for all, the Knesset has officially notified them that they have three months to voluntarily be deported to an unspecified African country, or else they’ll be thrown in jail indefinitely.


Travel the Holy Land unhindered

David Rothner, Spokesperson for Yad Sarah speaking at ILTV Studio about the organization that focuses on improving the quality of life of people with special needs.


Chubby Hedgehog gets a strict diet

Ramat Gan Safari is helping Sherman the hedgehog loose the extra grams so that he will be able to walk again like a proper, healthy Hedgehog.

I.D.F. looks to high schools for brain power

Top Israeli Intelligence units are looking for the next generation of Counter-Terror Agents in high schools. A new army program has just started offering them courses in high school, which means by the time they enter the army, they’re already fully trained and ready to go!

How to become a ‘Data-Driven’ company

Amir Raskin, Founder and CEO of Shoodoo and Keren Shaked, Founder and Chief Customer Officer of Shoodoo speaking at ILTV Studio about the platform that uses wisdom of the best data scientists to create superior prediction products.


Israel’s first lady steps into Showbiz

Israel’s First Lady, The wife of President Reuven Rivlin is about to take her first stab at Showbiz. Nechama Rivlin has just confirmed that she will provide the voice for a character in the upcoming Hebrew release of ‘Paddington Two.'


The treacherous path to success

Daniel Shevach, Strategy and Operations Executive at Targo Consulting speaking at ILTV Studio about what it takes to make an exit.


Israeli Michelin Chef launches 8 shekel meals

A new Israeli restaurant chain is breaking records, Chef Moshik Roth opens 20th branch of “Eight Restaurant.”’

Top 5 Israeli snacks

Archeologists already think they might’ve found the biggest discovery of the year. A small clay seal has just been unearthed near the Western Wall in Jerusalem, which historians now believe proves the biblical claim that ancient Jerusalem had Governors.

Hebrew word Of The Day: LA’AVOR | לעבור = TO REVIEW / TO PASS

Learn a New Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "La'avor" which means "To Review/ To pass."


The Weather Forecast

Tonight will be partly cloudy with a drop in temperatures to a low of around fifty-three, or twelve degrees Celsius. Over the weekend temperatures are expected to continue to drop, with heavy storms across the country, and a high of around sixty-four, or eighteen degrees Celsius.

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