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ZION News: Meghan Markle requests bridal gown sketch from Israeli designer

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Second weekend of clashes turn fatal

Four Palestinians have been killed in fresh clashes over the weekend, including a Palestinian Terrorist who stabbed an Israeli guard, while wearing what appeared to be a suicide belt.


W.H: Any peace plan would make Kotel part of Israel

President Trump’s deal for a peace plan between Israel and the Palestinians is still in the works, but a top official from the White House has just revealed one critical point we can expect to see.


U.N. considers new resolution on Jerusalem

The United Nations is considering a new resolution on Jerusalem, which would officially rescind President Trump’s controversial decision to recognize the city as the capital of Israel.


Israeli woman creates world’s longest artwork

Rachel Witzman, Artist speaking at ILTV Studio about her groundbreaking project that was intended to foster Israeli-Palestinian peace.


Teva pharmaceuticals to fire 25% of its employees

Teva has been in massive debt lately, and now, to offset that loss, Teva has announced that they will cut twenty-five percent of its workforce, which means fourteen thousand people will lose their jobs.


‘Peace Selfie’ forces Miss Iraq’s family to flee

After taking photo with Israeli contestant, Iraq's Beauty Queen's family has been forced to flee Iraq after receiving death threats over the picture.


Israel’s Philanthropic online marketplace

Yuval Arbel, Founder & Ceo of Buyforgood.biz speaking at ILTV Studio about the company that helps you support Israeli businesses for a good cause.


Expensive hotels may be harming Israeli tourism

Labor, taxes and Kashrut certifications send Holy Land hotel rates skyrocketing, and studies show that the high costs of hotels may be cutting in Israel's tourism industry.


Israel cracks top 100 A.I. companies

Seven Israeli companies have just cracked the ‘A.I. one hundred’, these are the top one hundred companies in the world that specialize in Artificial Intelligence breakthroughs.


Games for the whole family

Sharon Mazliah, Marketing Consultant speaking at ILTV Studio about the issue of what gifts to get, and giving the scoop on the best new toys and games.


Something borrowed, blue, and white

The upcoming royal British wedding has already been sending shock waves across the United Kingdom, and Meghan Markle may be getting her dress designed by an Israeli.

According to People Magazine, Israel-based designer Inbal Dror confirmed that they sent a sketch for Meghan Markle to consider at the request of the royal family.

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