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Black man ridiculed for educating kids on how to respectfully interact with cops

Black man ridiculed for educating kids on how to respectfully interact with cops

24-year-old King Randall is a breath of fresh air in a world where race politics dominate discourse. Founder of the Life Preparatory School for Boys in Albany, Georgia, Randall's mission is to “teach boys the true meaning of manhood and to be protectors and providers for their communities.”

Jason Whitlock is a huge fan of Randall and calls him “one of the most impressive young people we have in the country.”

Unfortunately, not everyone shares Jason’s sentiments. Randall has repeatedly been subjected to ridicule for being “a white supremacist” who furthers anti-black stereotypes.

Randall's most recent controversy sparked when he dared to teach his students “how to engage with the police in a respectful manner.”

Jason plays a video of Randall demonstrating to a group of students how to behave when pulled over by a cop.

Having your license and registration ready to go when the officer approaches the car, keeping your hands visible, and not being disrespectful were the main topics Randall covered in the video.

However, this was enough to ignite outrage on X.

“He’s teaching them to bow to authority,” one X user commented.

“I would rather teach the kids to kill before being killed. I rather teach the kids to get a jump on the police before they get a jump on you,” another posted.

“You can get in a lot of trouble over social media for giving black men good advice,” sighs Jason.

“We got people saying, ‘Well, they're still going to get killed by the police anyways,’ and they were saying that my way was going to teach them to get killed,” Randall tells Jason, noting that these suggestions are ridiculous considering there were “20 million traffic stops in 2023” but only “32 unarmed black people killed.”

“186 people were killed by airplanes last year in 2023, but there were 16.3 million flights,” he continues. “We don't hear anybody saying, ‘Oh well we should stop flying on airplanes because you're going to die.”’

“The point was never to say that nothing bad could happen or that there aren't any bad cops. …The point is to teach respect, to teach manners, and to try and get home safe,” Randall explains, adding that if rights were violated in a traffic stop, the time to address that is “not on the side of the road but when we get to court.”

To hear more of the conversation and learn how to support the good work Randall is doing in his community, watch the clip below.

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