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Top 3 Takeaways for Men: 'Top Gun: Maverick'

Fearless with Jason Whitlock

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Time gives purpose to everything we do in life. Time moves fast and is the most precious commodity we possess, because we can't get it back once it is gone.

As Pastor Anthony watched "Top Gun: Maverick," he was struck by an overriding theme he believes should connect with all men. There comes a time when you have to step up and be a man. The movie encapsulates a truth — no one escapes time.

BlazeTV's Jason Whitlock of "Fearless" is a firm believer in strong men's critical role in a civil society. Pastor Anthony punctuated Jason's views in his take on the relationship between being a man and time.

We are all facing time. It's a ticking clock that we have no control over. Men have to face three critical times in life: the time of manhood, the time of mentorship, and the time of mortality. At some point in a man's life, he will face those three times, ready or not.

Time in this movie was a major driving force, and Pastor Anthony broke down how everything points to an understanding of time.

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