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Here's why Ice Cube & Tucker Carlson threaten the ‘gatekeepers’

Fearless with Jason Whitlock

Tucker Carlson recently drove around the streets of Compton with Ice Cube, and the result was a conversation that no one expected.

The rapper divulged why he didn’t believe in taking the COVID-19 vaccine to Carlson, but Jason Whitlock took much more from the interview than simply that.

“An iconic black rapper casually cruising the streets of Compton with Tucker Carlson says much more than Ice Cube could ever articulate. Cube and Carlson disrupt the corporate media narrative that conservative white men are the natural enemy of black men,” Whitlock explains.

Whitlock notes that while white, conservative evangelicals fought to end slavery, the mainstream narrative reflects something different.

“Bigoted gatekeepers have worked overtime to convince black people that white, progressive atheists are the black man’s true allies,” he says.

Whitlock sees Ice Cube’s actions in recent years as a possible, positive trend among black men who are waking up to the truth.

“Cube’s actions signal an awakening among black men, a realization that the political left is driving the emasculation of men in general and black men in particular,” Whitlock says.

In the interview with Carlson, Cube reflected this sentiment, saying he’s been “shut out.”

“They don’t like that I’m, you know, an independent thinker. I’m not part of the herd. I’m not part of the go-along-to-get-along gang, so to speak,” Cube said.

Cube mentioned to Tucker that not only was he fired from a movie for his refusal to get the vaccine, but even "The View" wouldn’t have him on.

“I have to go places, for one that I’m welcome and where I can voice my opinion without somebody, you know, saying I’m a bad person and that they never want to have me on their platform again,” Cube said, adding, “they didn’t have me on 'The View.'”

When Tucker asked why, Cube responded that “a few of the guests just really didn’t like where I was coming from.”

“I don’t follow their brand of politics, I guess.”

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