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What do Pride Month and the 'Hawk Tuah' girl have in common?
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What do Pride Month and the 'Hawk Tuah' girl have in common?

Like the rainbow, the alphabet mafia has claimed the month of June for itself, coining it “Pride Month” and using those 30 days to commit acts of debauchery that should absolutely outrage everyone.

“The LGBTQIA+ silent P crowd – they went nuts. ... They did some of the most perverted public stuff you will ever, ever see,” says Jason Whitlock, adding that he can’t even play some of the footage from Pride Month events because it’s too “obscene.”

Every year, it seems the public promiscuity and child grooming grows ever more extreme during Pride Month. News outlets — especially conservative ones — feature cover story after cover story documenting the latest Pride Month debacle. Social media viralizes every video from the wokest cities’ parades and events. People obsess over the depravity that’s come to characterize the month of June.

But Jason sees some hypocrisy.

“None of us seem outraged when it's heterosexual promiscuity being showcased [and] celebrated — when it's being used to groom young children into heterosexual promiscuity and perversion and depraved behavior,” he says, pointing to the “Hawk Tuah” girl who’s gone viral on the internet for a sexually explicit answer she gave in a street interview.

The Truth About ‘Hawk Tuah Girl' & the Pride Month Debauchery | Ep 729youtu.be

The comment went mega viral and now “Hawk Tuah,” otherwise known as Hailey Welch, is “a social media sensation” — so much so that she was even brought on stage to sing alongside country superstar Zach Bryan at a concert in Nashville.

Jason is disturbed at the flagrant double standard.

“This is just another example of the hypocrisy and the foolishness of those of us that are heterosexual,” he says. “We think we can make our heterosexual identity our most important identity and the one that we share with the world.”

“We think that gay people won't look and say, ‘Well look at the heterosexuals — they've normalized centering, celebrating, [and] promoting their sexual lust, their sexual perversion, [and] their lack of sexual discipline,' and so the gay crowd, the LGBTQIA+, they want to be normal just like the heterosexual crowd,” he explains.

“Heterosexuals — we have pride year: 365 days a year we stuff our sexual lust down everyone's throat,” Jason criticizes, noting that “you can't turn on a movie ... [or] a TV show without seeing heterosexual sex and lust and immorality.”

“If we're going to celebrate Hawk Tuah girl, Kim Kardashian, [and] Sexyy Red, if we're going to celebrate our sexual identity, why shouldn't they get a month to do it?” he asks rhetorically, pointing out that parents who allow their children to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other streaming services unmonitored are as guilty as the parents taking their children to Pride events.

“We did this.”

To hear more of Jason’s thoughts, watch the clip above.

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