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Kathy Barnette verbally castrates New York Times columnists' apology to Trump voters

Fearless with Jason Whitlock

'I didn't ask for it and I don't want it'

Michael M. Santiago / Staff / Getty Images

New York Times columnist Bret Stephens admitted his harsh assessment of former president Donald Trump was wrong.

But some Trump supporters feel Stephens' apology fell on deaf ears. Kathy Barnette joined "Fearless with Jason Whitlock," shared her take, and said Stephens can "kick rocks."

"It’s one thing for social mores to evolve over time, aided by respect for differences of opinion. It’s another for them to be abruptly imposed by one side on another, with little democratic input but a great deal of moral bullying," Stephens wrote.

"It rings so hollow to me," Barnette told Whitlock. She went on to verbally castrate Stephens, asserting that [the mainstream media] bullied Trump supporters into silence. "They have intentionally destroyed our country ... I don't want [an apology]; moreover, I didn't ask for one," Barnette said.

Do you agree with Kathy? Is it too late for apologies? Watch the clip and be the judge.

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