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This is why it's PATRIOTIC to root against Megan Rapinoe and the USWNT

Fearless with Jason Whitlock

T.J. Moe joins Jason Whitlock to discuss the controversies surrounding the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team, currently in the throes of the World Cup.

Jason is frank: “I want them to lose.”

He’s disappointed the match against Portugal didn’t “[end] the American Nightmare – the band of Megan Rapinoe-led entitled women who struggle to respect our national anthem and lie about pay inequality.”

Fox Sports even blasted the team for preening, dancing, and celebrating after they tied Portugal – which only happened because the opponent missed a shot.

“These are not the images we should be expecting to see from a team that survived Portugal,” says a Fox Sports broadcaster, adding, “Carli Lloyd’s butt would be back in the locker room kicking things, throwing things.”

“Their collective sense of entitlement and lack of gratitude created a delusion that only failure and embarrassment can correct,” says Jason, who reveled in Fox’s criticism of the team.

“If they lose on Sunday to Sweden, I’m sure Rapinoe will figure out a way to blame it on sexism, systemic racism, or homophobia,” he continues.

“A 38-year-old, blue-haired, androgynous loser should not be the face of anything American,” says T.J. in reference to Megan Rapinoe, who has long been the face of the team.

“It’s like, do I care more about the success of America, or do I care more about our conduct and how we present ourselves on an international stage?” he continues, adding, “it’s certainly the second one.”

“America’s values have slid so far back out of the way that no one should aspire to have our values today – certainly not our cultural values … and certainly not what Megan Rapinoe would want us to do,” he continues.

For those reasons among many, Jason and T.J. plan to root against the success of the USWNT in the World Cup.

To listen to their full conversation, watch the video below.

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