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House floor drama: Tlaib takes aim at Netanyahu's actions
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House floor drama: Tlaib takes aim at Netanyahu's actions

Rashida Tlaib becomes more radical by the day.

On February 6, she took to the house floor to brand Benjamin Netanyahu as someone she doesn't "really like” and echoed her anti-Israel agenda, which Mark Levin notes was full of outright lies.

“Sending 17.6 billion dollars, U.S. tax dollars, with no conditions attached to Netanyahu’s extremist government to drop more bombs on innocent Palestinians,” Tlaib yelled.

“It’s such a lie, it’s so grotesque,” Levin says.

“The Israeli government has already killed 27,000 people. 11,500 of them were children,” Tlaib continued. “I’m tired of my colleagues coming to me whispering, ‘I don’t really like Netanyahu.’ Well, then why are we sending him billions of dollars with no conditions?”

Levin couldn’t disagree more.

“They throw these numbers around because they know that their Hitlerian friends like her and in the media will regurgitate them,” he says, adding that the numbers she’s using are flat-out lies.

Tlaib then went on to say that Netanyahu is “telling us, over and over again, what his intention is.”

“His intention is to defeat your terrorist friends. Sounds pretty good to me,” Levin says, adding that “17 billion sounds pretty cheap, considering what they’re doing.”

“They’re the only ones fighting these people. They’re the only ones who stand between Iran and nukes and the United States, and unfortunately, Iran’s going to get nukes because the United States under Blinken and Biden wants them to have nukes,” Levin explains.

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