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Is our administration taking notes from Vladimir Lenin? THESE facts suggest so

Is our administration taking notes from Vladimir Lenin? THESE facts suggest so

One of the best ways to destroy society is to completely rewrite history.

Mark Levin is afraid America’s heading down that path.

“The effort at censorship today is something we’ve never even seen or experienced as a people,” he says.

This was on full display after COVID-19, when governors were “conducting themselves like fascists” and deciding who could earn a living and who couldn’t. The American people weren’t allowed to question the “science” but were instead told to trust it.

“Wasn’t even about science. The iron fist came out and you got a taste of it,” Levin adds, noting that the notorious dictator Vladimir Lenin did the same thing.

“So not only do they project on top of non-Democrats, Republicans, and others their own sickening, murderous bloodlust of a history, but they try to destroy it in the classroom,” he continues.

The 1619 Project is a perfect example. It was written by a Marxist and pushed by the New York Times.

Levin notes that the New York Times covered up the Holocaust and did FDR’s bidding and now does the bidding of the Democrat Party.

“1619 Project is a lie, it’s a joke. But it’s in thousands and thousands of school districts and classrooms with the support and the resources of the New York Times,” he says, adding that the media pushes it all, including critical race theory.

“The Democrat Party is the monopoly party in this country. The Democrat Party is about more than winning elections; it’s about making sure that there’s no opposition. It’s okay if there’s another party running, as long as they lose,” Levin says.

And the Democrat Party is going even farther to ensure there is no opposition.

Through the educational system, the state is obsessed with indoctrinating children into a Marxist set of beliefs. “This is the effort that’s not really focused on the child,” Levin says, but rather on “destroying the relationship between the parent and the child.”

“If we’re going to control the state, the kids become either directly or indirectly the property of the state,” he continues. “And you see, this is exactly the track the Democrat Party is on.”

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