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'Woke' broke the US military

'Woke' broke the US military

When you have high-ranking members of the military posing in "dog play" costumes and expressing more concern about pronouns than equipping America’s military for battle, you know your military has been weakened.

This is a terrible place for the United States military to be in. We’re facing aggression from Russia, North Korea, Iran, and China — and meanwhile, recruitment is plummeting.

Why is recruitment plummeting?

Perhaps it’s the difference in military recruitment videos.

While Russia makes a show of its physical strength and unity, America makes a show of its empathy and diversity.

We can thank Biden for that.

Mark Levin believes that America is not putting enough emphasis on the threat that is Russia and has instead placed all its attention on Ukraine.

He asks, “How many Americans have been kidnapped in Russia? Several are still there ... how many threats [have] Putin and his surrogates made about shooting nukes at us or using nukes?”

He continues, “Now they’ve taken out one of our military drones.”

Levin points out that Ukraine has never kidnapped Americans. Not before or during the war. It's never made threats with nuclear arms. And it's never made an effort to sabotage the United States military.

Russia is the real threat, yet there are many on the right who think Putin is the good guy.

He continues, “Bill Clinton, in 1994, working with the Russians and the British, persuaded the Ukrainians to give up all their nuclear weapons to Russia in exchange for security.”

That didn’t last long.

Levin says it’s clear that “there’s good and there’s evil. We’re the good guys. Russia is the evil guys.”

He finishes, “So many people today think like Marxists. They say the same thing: ‘Forget about history. We know what’s best today. And it’s isolationism and pacifism.’ So, I guess we have to wait to be directly attacked … oh wait a minute. We were yesterday.”

Russia knocked out one of our military planes. What did we do?


And it’s time for that to change.

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