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CROWDER: I am getting heart surgery ─  Part 1 and 2

Louder with Crowder

Steven Crowder accidentally discovered he had a serious heart condition earlier in January 2021, after mistaking trouble breathing and tightness in his chest for panic attacks.

"I had what I thought were panic attacks ... and I have had panic attacks throughout my life but I can count them on one hand and could trace them to reasons for why I was having them," Crowder said back in January.

In this first clip, Crowder had his camera crew follow him during the days leading up to his surgery. Watch the clip below for a behind-the-scenes peek.

In the second clip, Crowder gave his fans the chance to see what he experienced during his surgery and in the weeks that followed. Watch part two below. Stay tuned for updates.

Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

Part 1

Part 2

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