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Will banning TikTok actually make a difference? 4 comedians weigh in

Will banning TikTok actually make a difference? 4 comedians weigh in

As debates rage over the TikTok bill, which would force the app’s Chinese parent, ByteDance, to sell the app, people find themselves conflicted.

On one hand, TikTok allows China to collect and store Americans’ data, which could pose a national security threat. Further, it paves the way for Chinese propaganda to be fed to the American people.

On the other side of the argument are those who cite the First Amendment as proof that a ban would be unlawful. It would also kneecap millions of businesses and influencers who depend on the app for revenue.

So what’s the right answer? Here’s what four comedians have to say.

“I don’t think it’s a good platform. I don’t think it’s healthy for people, but the only reason they want to ban it is because they can’t monetize it in that short amount of time,” says Matt McClowry, who ultimately thinks the app “shouldn’t be banned.“

Dave Landau agrees – “There’s nothing behind [the ban] that is ... reasonable,” especially considering that “[China is] already taking our information” via other data sources.

Bridget Phetasy speculates that those in government who are pushing the ban are just threatened that China has some control over the narrative – “We are the ones who will be in control of the propaganda here, not you, China,” she mocks.

“I don’t want it banned,” says ¼ Black Garrett, because “[TikTok users] are just gonna flock to Twitter.”

“Somebody had a really funny underrated joke on Twitter, and they said, ‘[A ban] will solve the fast food worker shortage,”’ laughs Bridget, adding that food servers will be “popping and locking” while you’re trying to order.

“Can I get a number two when you’re done twerking?” laughs Dave.

However, censorship is another thing to consider.

“Literally, one in every two videos I post ends up getting taken down,” says Dave.

“You just have this AI robot arbitrarily deciding things are inappropriate, which is how we're gonna all die,” says Matt.

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