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Guess which HYPOCRITICAL Dem flies in a private jet to shame climate change deniers

Pat Gray Unleashed

Self-awareness seems lost on climate czar John Kerry.

Despite the supposed impact planes have on the planet, Kerry has been jet-setting around the world in a private plane and giving speeches that focus on shaming so-called climate change deniers.

“Without facts or economics on their side, they flatly deny what’s happening to our planet and what we must do to save it,” Kerry tells an audience in Scotland.

“They incite a movement against what they falsely label ‘climate change fanaticism,’ as they conveniently forget that the dictionary definition of a cult is the dismissal of facts in devotion to a lie,” he adds.

Pat Gray isn’t fooled.

“He is doing the perfect example of 'they accuse us of everything they are doing,'” Gray says.

“They are the hysterical people that are in hysterics non-stop, giving inaccurate facts, telling outright, flat-out lies, and trying to whip people into a frenzy over climate change being catastrophic and man-caused right now,” he adds.

Keith Malinak is in full agreement.

“It’s bad enough that these Marxists push their policies forward, come hell or high water. It’s another when they completely gaslight us, and they’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, look at what they’re doing over there,’ when it’s exactly what they’re doing every time,” he says.

In his speech, Kerry goes on to say that “humanity is inexorably threatened by humanity itself.”

“Well, I’m sorry that I’m not freaked out over a one-degree temperature change in a hundred years,” Gray mocks.

Gray notes that Kerry was caught in a lie years ago about his time in Vietnam.

“All of that was proven not to be accurate. It was a lie.” Gray says.

“How does he have any credibility? Now we’re supposed to buy everything he says about climate change? And we’re the ones who are spewing lies all the time? Wow,” he adds.

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