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Is GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley a RINO and a WARMONGER?

Pat Gray Unleashed

When the curtains closed on the first GOP presidential primary debate, one thing was made very clear to Pat Gray: former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley is not only a RINO, but a warmonger.

“Welcome to the establishment RINO division of the Republican party — Nikki Haley. Plus, old-school warmonger,” Gray says.

Gray believes this became hard to miss as Haley chastised Vivek Ramaswamy for not wanting the U.S. to become more deeply enmeshed in the Ukrainian war.

Keith Malinak agrees and compares her raised voice to the “Hillary Clinton screech sound.”

“She just wants to continue to be the police of the planet,” Gray continues, adding, “I don’t.”

“Are we alone in this now? Are we the only Republicans who don’t want to continue down that road? No, I don’t want to spend ourselves into oblivion and get deeper and deeper into a war,” Gray says.

While Haley was adamant that we continue pouring billions into Ukraine, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Ramaswamy were not.

“I appreciate both of them for that,” Gray says, adding that "those are probably, other than Trump, those are, you know, probably the best possibilities in my mind.”

While Malinak and Gray have both met Haley and thought she was “great” one-on-one, they don’t believe she’s suited for the position of president.

“Stay the hell away from the Oval Office,” Malinak says.

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