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Allie Beth Stuckey: 'Is it biblically possible for there to be aliens?'

Allie Beth Stuckey: 'Is it biblically possible for there to be aliens?'

Everyone is talking about aliens right now.

Are they real and the government just isn’t telling us? Or is this the art of distraction at its finest?

Former intelligence agent David Grusch testified in Congress last week that aliens are indeed real, and the government is in possession of unidentified anomalous phenomena and non-human biological remains.

But Allie Beth Stuckey isn’t buying it.

Given that the powers that be are experts in fear-mongering, Allie wouldn’t be surprised if this is just another tactic to incite panic.

“Like, we already have the threat of nuclear war. We’re already being run by a kakistocracy ... they’re already plaguing our lives and disturbing our peace,” she continues, adding, aliens are “just one more thing that could kill us, that could disturb us, that could conquer us.”

Given the dire state of the world, Allie jokes that she isn’t convinced an alien takeover would be worse than our current governing powers anyway.

But, the reality is, “I don’t believe in aliens,” she says.

She then projects a world map that displays where all UAP sightings have occurred, and nearly all of them are in the United States, which Allie assumes is a product of Hollywood cinema and folklore.

“If this [was] really a phenomenon everywhere, then I think we would probably see more reports than we currently do,” she explains.

Further, Allie believes extraterrestrial life is not a theological possibility.

As a Christian, she does not deny the existence of angels and demons, but she “doesn’t see any room in scripture for some kind of creature that is not described in the first couple chapters of Genesis that is made in the image of God but is not human.”

Since God made humans with the ability to rationalize and reason, Allie can’t see how aliens, who supposedly are just as sentient, can be placed into “a biblical category.”

Further, “you would have to fit these non-human but apparently rational and civilization-building beings into that plan of redemption, and I just don’t think we see that,” she says.

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