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Glenn Beck uncovers God's role & the left's hidden agenda

Stu Does America

Many are understandably overwhelmed by the impending doom cast over us all as the woke agenda spreads like wildfire throughout America.

But Glenn Beck has a better way to look at what’s happening.

He recently had a “spiritual moment,” and Stu Burguiere sat down with him on "Stu Does America" to uncover what he found.

“God is not surprised. He’s very aware of all of us. He wants all of his children back. He knows exactly who and what we’re fighting. He knows. It’s evil. He knows,” Glenn explains.

“If he has no fear,” Glenn continues, “and we know he knows us, and he knows what situation we’re in, and we’re in line with him—what do you have to worry about?”

Stu points out that things could get worse if we don’t fight back.

Glenn explains that he’s not saying don’t fight, but rather “don’t take the outcome on.”

“You just do the next right thing, whatever that is. And most people will dismiss the next right thing, because they won’t think it matters. But all of the little stuff matters like crazy right now. Just do whatever it is, the next right thing. Just do that and do it right.”

No matter how bad it gets — the trans agenda in schools, the financial crisis, food shortages — Glenn believes that as long as you’re in alignment with God, you will be okay.

“I think my calling of warning is over, but I think my calling now is to tell you the truth about God. Where he is right now, and that is overwhelmed with ‘I gotcha, I gotcha, I got the whole thing. I got it. Relax.’”

Glenn adds that “it’s time to just buckle up and know that you’ve done all the best that you could. Continue to walk with him because he has you.”

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