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'I don't have enough cuss words for this': Chad Prather goes off on hypocrites in the media

The Chad Prather Show

Chad Prather called out members of the mainstream media for the double-standard displayed across cable news networks.

"I don't trust anybody but TheBlaze anymore," Chad said. "I'm so tired of it! I don't have enough cuss words for this."

So what had Chad so fired up?

According to Chad, the Left flip-flopped on immigration, amnesty, and "kids in cages."

"They talk about kids in cages. Then, they turn around say 'we want to reeducate the children of Trump supporters," Chad said.

Later, Chad gave an example of what he feels is manipulated phrasing used by the mainstream media.

"People who are here without legal status," Chad said. "Without legal status means illegal!"

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*Content warning: language. Viewer discretion is advised.

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