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Glenn: Humanity will END when Americans NO LONGER CARE

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The Civil War might have ended over a century ago, but Glenn Beck believes what’s going on right now might be worse.

“It’s not like the Civil War,” he says. “It’s not North vs. South. It’s neighbor against neighbor.”

Glenn theorizes that our current division is directly related to our society abandoning the beliefs that the Constitution was built upon.

“I remember after 9/11, we all came together, and I expected that. I thought everybody was together. And then a few years later, everybody started to turn, and you’re like, ‘Wait, what happened, I thought we were all together?’”

“Because,” he continues, “so many people did not believe the things that Americans have always believed — the things that we always found self-evident. The government just became about expediency.”

In other words, the lack of God in America today has caused the breakdown of our country and the division of its people.

“For the first time in my life,” Beck says, “I’m not worried about America being destroyed by some global power — the Russians, nuclear bombs. Our civilization, no, all of humanity dies when we no longer care. Americans lose their freedoms when nobody cares anymore.”

He uses AI as an example, explaining that AI is threatening humanity.

“We have one of the biggest things to happen to mankind of all time — of all time — AI. Do you hear your friends really talking about it other than in a passing sort of way? ‘Hey, have you seen the new ChatGPT, it’s pretty cool huh?’”

Why does no one care? Glenn says it’s because we’ve placed our faith in the government.

He accuses Americans of failing “to comprehend what is required to keep our country strong and free.”

“We’re lulled away into a false sense of security because we think the government’s job is to keep us safe. It’s not,” he says.

“Our greatest national problem today is not the erosion of soil or air. It’s the erosion of our national morality, the erosion of traditional enforcement of law and order, the erosion of truth — verifiable, eternal truths.”

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