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Artificial intelligence is learning at an ALARMING rate. Are we PREPARED?

Artificial intelligence is learning at an ALARMING rate. Are we PREPARED?

Artificial intelligence is learning at an alarmingly fast rate, and Glenn Beck warns that it might be too late to turn it off.

“Wars will be fought with algorithms, and they’ll be fought in seconds,” he says, adding, “If you had an algorithm that said cripple the United States, it would either spit out ... step by step on how you could do it, or if you give it the space online — it will just do it.”

With AI like ChatGPT now being used by many Americans, it seems that we might be too readily embracing the technology without asking the proper questions.

Glenn says that AI could potentially misinterpret commands, and down the line, that could be disastrous.

He says, “It may wildly misinterpret something like ‘protect all humans.’”

Or, it might misinterpret something like “protect the planet," which to the AI might mean "kill all humans,” Glenn theorizes.

“We have created Frankenstein,” he says.

But what do we do about it?

Glenn says you can’t regulate it because government regulation will only lead to more government power.

Glenn says, “We are worshiping our technology now. We’re even in a prayerful stance. When you see people scrolling online, their head is bowed, like they’re praying.”

“There’s an old Sufi saying,” he continues, “‘that which you gaze upon you will become.’ That’s universally true. And look at us, we’re becoming more robotic.”

What we can do, Glenn says, is stop worshiping it.

“Stop being so reliant on all of these processes. Start being more reliant on people, more engaged with people, less with the internet.”

“Concentrate on self-control and regulation.”

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