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Can America survive another four years of Bidenomics?
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Can America survive another four years of Bidenomics?

While the Biden administration claims it has everything under control, inflation continues to rise, housing prices are insane, and the government just keeps spending.

“The United States government is printing one trillion dollars every 100 days,” Glenn Beck says, adding, “Just put that in your pipe and smoke it for a minute.”

And the American people are suffering, despite attempts at raising wages to deal with inflation — like they’ve done in California.

“$20 minimum wage for fast-food workers,” Glenn says, adding, “Kind of putting people out of business. First of all, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, hiked prices to offset the higher cost. Who would have seen that coming?”

“How many times does it take before people understand basic economics? The price of the goods or service goes up when it costs the company that is providing those goods or services, when it costs them more to get that to you, they raise the price. That’s the way business works,” Glenn explains.

“This is what every business is going through right now,” he adds.

The economy is so disastrous under Biden, that Glenn believes if he wins the 2024 election, it will be a sign of something far more ominous than just rising prices.

“I will be absolutely convinced that this is a fraudulent election if for the first time in history, the economy doesn’t play a major role,” he says. “Can America survive another four years? Can you survive another four years going down this road? Can you afford it?”

As the prices continue to go up, the chances Americans have at owning basic necessities will continue to go down.

“You’re not able to buy a house, you’re not able to get a loan on anything that is reasonable, and it is only going to get much, much, worse,” Glenn warns.

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