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But, seriously, why are the Jews so hated?

But, seriously, why are the Jews so hated?

It’s a question that demands an answer, especially considering we’re on the verge of Holocaust 2.0.

Experts, scientists, and historians have set out to find answers to this question, and “they came up with five reasons,” says Glenn Beck.

One: “Jews are hated because they’re an inferior race.”

Two: “Jews are hated because they possess too much wealth and power.”

Three: “Jews are hated because they’re different from everyone else.”

Four: “Jews are hated because they’re the cause for all the world’s problems.”

Five: “The Jews are hated because they killed Jesus Christ.”

But Glenn knows this “research” is rubbish and easily disprovable.

Rebuttal one: “Jewishness is not a race; any person, any creed, or color can convert to Judaism.”

Rebuttal two: “There are some well-off Jews, but there are millions of poor and downtrodden Jews as well.”

Rebuttal three: “Jewish communities often tried to assimilate in the 18th century — in Europe they tried desperately to assimilate — how'd that work out for them?”

Rebuttal four: “They’ve been hated because they’re an easy target.”

Rebuttal five: “I’m pretty sure those were the Romans that killed Jesus Christ.”

So why are the Jews historically hated?

“I think there’s really one reason,” says Glenn. “The Jewish people know who they are: they are the children of Israel. They are from the Promised Land. They are God’s chosen people.”

“Jews have something unique — they have an eternal identity that has been spoken, and it's an identity that is built on traditions, laws, promise, faith in God, a covenant — a rock of a covenant — and the Jewish people work hard at studying and teaching that covenant,” he continues, adding that the Jewish people have “handed down the traditions and blessings from one generation to another for thousands of years.”

Unfortunately, knowing who you are; preserving traditions, customs, and conventions; and holding tightly to a faith in God not only “makes you a little peculiar in today’s world,” but it also clearly puts a target on your back.

Miraculously, however, the Jews in Israel are “extraordinarily positive right now,” believing wholeheartedly that they’re “going to win this,” says Glenn, and it’s “the covenant of God [that] gives them confidence.”

“In a world where the foundations of truth and reality are being destroyed and being distorted, that kind of confidence lends itself to envy,” says Glenn, “and as Yoda warned us, 'Envy leads to jealousy, jealousy leads to hate, hate leads to anger, and anger leads to the dark side.'”

And when you take an honest look at the world we’re currently living in, “the dark side” certainly feels like a fitting description, especially considering the “riots, abuse, and kidnappings” as well as the wars and now “mass genocide” we’re seeing.

“I think why the Jews are so hated is it's Satan's way of winning against God,” says Glenn.

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