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Conservative thanks crazy Dems for inspiring new gender book that is absurd in all the RIGHT ways

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With everything going on in the world today, it’s become increasingly hard to be funny.

The amount of humorous content generated unwittingly by Democrats makes it hard to one-up them. Thankfully, Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon is here to take on that challenge.

One of the latest ventures undertaken by Dillon and his team at the Babylon Bee is a book that does just that: “The Babylon Bee Guide to Gender.”

The book answers serious questions Americans might have, like how many genders are there, really? How do you find out if you’re, in fact, a woman? And should Nikki Haley have become a biologist before declaring her womanhood every five seconds during Fox News’ first GOP presidential primary debate?

Glenn Beck sits down with Dillon to review these questions, and their conversation is every bit as hilarious as one might hope.

Part of the book is dedicated to a timely and important test that begins with the question: “Still not sure if you’re a woman?”

“Are you always cold?” Glenn reads, laughing. “Has a human popped out of you?”

“Have you ever decorated a bed with six or more pillows?” he continues, adding, “I refuse to answer.”

“This just allows us to draw general inferences though,” Dillon interjects, adding, “but because we’re not biologists we can’t say definitely. This quiz will give you a good idea.”

“We had this problem,” he continues, “for most of human history. We didn’t have science, we were all a bunch of bigots, and we thought that there were just men and women. And then science was invented very recently, and they determined that men can get pregnant and that women can suffer testicle injuries.”

Dillon is proud of his creation but owes a lot of credit to hilarious Democrats who have made it possible.

“You really don’t have to satirize this stuff. You really just have to hold it up there and say, ‘Look how absurd this is,’ and that’s kind of what that book does.”

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