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'Most asinine statement': CNN cohorts Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo rip Trump's 'cheerleader' comment — but here's the CONTEXT

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'Trump derangement syndrome' doesn't BEGIN to describe it

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On the radio program Thursday, Glenn Beck exposed two recent examples of the left-wing media's extreme case of "Trump derangement syndrome," even during a time of crisis when accurate information is more critical to Americans than ever.

"Trump derangement syndrome doesn't go far enough," Glenn said to describe the media's hatred for President Donald Trump. "This is truly a deep mental illness. It really is. Because they want him to fail so badly, they will set the entire nation on fire. It's almost as if they want us at each other's throat at this time of pandemic, instead of coming together."

On Tuesday, CNN colleagues Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo criticized the president's leadership, accusing him of trying to downplay the threat of the coronavirus pandemic by calling himself a "cheerleader for this country" during a White House briefing earlier that day.

Cuomo called the president's statement "the most asinine statement of leadership I have ever heard."

But the clip cut from President Trump's speech selectively edited out his description of all the controversial steps he's taken so far to protect Americans during this pandemic, as Glenn demonstrates by playing an unedited version of the video. (See the clip from the "Glenn Beck Radio Program" below.)

Then there was CBS News, which shamelessly promoted a video of an ICU nurse crying as she described her decision to quit because the hospital didn't have N95 masks for workers treating COVID-19 patients. As it turns out, the nurse, who goes by Imaris on social media, had not been an employee at the hospital for over a year. Imaris also publicly posted on Facebook that she suffers from anxiety and bipolar disorder and feels "trigger[ed]" by information about the coronavirus.

"The media should be ashamed of itself," Glenn asserted.

"Now, [former DNC chair] Howard Dean is saying he's boycotting MSNBC until the network stops airing the Trump pressers. ... The Democrats want it to stop. Why? Because it's effective. Not because of any other reason other than politics, not that there's not information there — there's plenty of information there. People are at home; they want to know what the truth is."

Watch the video below for more:

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