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Indictment UPDATE: 5 CHARGES leftists may make against Trump

The Glenn Beck Program

Tomorrow will be a defining moment in United States history.

President Trump has been indicted by a Manhattan grand jury and will be appearing in court.

Glenn Beck says that the indictment of Trump “makes America a more dangerous place.” He continues, “You’re going to have the tensions just escalate.”

But no one truly knows what case is about to be brought against Trump, so Glenn and Stu have taken some time to discuss the possible “weak” ones we might be hearing about in the near future.

Stu says the Stormy Daniels case is “the worst — the weakest of the four or five cases that are out there.”

“Now that this Stormy Daniels thing has gone forward,” Stu continues, “it makes the other cases more likely to come forward because now they don’t have to deal with that precedent-setting thing.”

Glenn interjects, “They’re gonna indict I think in Georgia, but again, it will be laughable.”

There is discussion that the judge may even issue a gag order, which Glenn calls “insanity.”

“It’s such a problem because if, you know, you have no chance of justice if the justice system is corrupted.”

He continues, “If Donald Trump had done something wrong, if he were in bed with the Russians, we would have absolutely exposed it. It’s important. But if you don’t have fair people that are looking at the facts and really actually calling balls and strikes, the game is meaningless.”

“If you don’t have a fair umpire, the game is meaningless. And that’s all this is turning into: a game.”

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