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Fox News EXPOSED for supporting far-left charities, including the SATANIC TEMPLE

Fox News EXPOSED for supporting far-left charities, including the SATANIC TEMPLE

Rikki Ratliff-Fellman, director of programming for Blaze Media and executive producer for Glenn Beck — both of whom worked at Fox News at one point in their careers — break news on a Fox News corporate scandal.

In a shocking turn of events, the conservative-leaning media platform has been exposed for supporting far-left charities, including the Satanic Temple, the Trevor Project, Planned Parenthood, and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Ratliff-Fellman says that earlier this week, a former staffer tipped her off with news of Fox’s internal “giving” program.

To say she was shocked is an understatement.

By reaching out to sources inside Fox, Ratliff-Fellman was able to witness the atrocity with her own eyes.

“I watched them log in with their ID, and they went to what’s called a ‘Fox Giving app,'” she tells Glenn.

The app allows Fox News employees to locate their favorite charities and make a donation that Fox will then match up to $1,000 annually.

It sounds benevolent — until you see some of the charities on the app.

“The charities that they brought to my attention ... they’re not what you might consider to be a typical charity,” Ratliff-Fellman says.

And while she assures Glenn that there are legitimate charities on the app, including Samaritan's Purse and even Glenn’s own charity, Mercury One, there are also several others that are deeply concerning, to say the least.

She then displays a graphic showing Planned Parenthood as one of the organizations Fox will match up to 100%.

“A little bit antithetical to some of the things that they espouse on air,” she says before moving on to show another graphic presenting the Trevor Project, an organization that promotes LGBTQ services, as another charity option.

“[The Trevor Project is] most recently known for supporting legislation for what they call gender-affirming care but what Fox’s core audience would refer to as child gender-mutilation,” she explains to Glenn.

Glenn can’t contain his outrage when Ratliff-Fellman shows him a third graphic displaying The Southern Poverty Law Center as another Fox-supported charity–a group that “has referred to many of the Fox News hosts as hate mongers” and called the company “a hate-filled organization,” she explains.

As if it couldn’t get any worse, Ratliff-Fellman presents a final graphic displaying her “favorite” Fox-supported charity: the Satanic Temple.

While the very notion seems an impossibility, one can clearly see on the graphic that Fox News does indeed say the Satanic Temple is eligible for company donation matches.

“If there’s any Fox staffers that are, you know, in the mood to donate to a terrible cause like the Satanic Temple, [they] can do that, and Fox can match that up to 100%,” Ratliff-Fellman confirms for Glenn, who can hardly believe what he’s hearing.

“To me, this is just another example of how Fox News has changed and has sold themselves out to the ESG movement,” Glenn says.

Ratliff-Fellman and Beck both agree, however, that “there are a lot of good hosts and good people that work [at Fox News] that really believe in the values and are aligned with their core audience.”

Ratliff-Fellman concludes by expressing gratitude for the internal sources who courageously brought forth this information.

“They hope by telling this story … that Fox will maybe course-correct, at least internally,” she says.

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