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'All of this is to do ONE thing': Glenn Beck reveals how Biden's massive IRS changes would DESTROY your wealth

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'You're never going to be left alone. Ever.'

The Biden administration is backing down on its plan to allow the IRS to monitor bank accounts with a total yearly deposit or withdrawal of more than $600, proposing a revised version with a $10,000 cut-off instead. But the numerical value behind this Biden policy proposal does not matter, Glenn Beck argued on the radio program Monday. This is an issue of privacy, a matter of protecting our Fourth Amendment rights, and an effort to control your wealth, money, and budget.

"This is a violation of the Fourth Amendment," Glenn said. "If we don't start caring about the amendments and the Bill of Rights, we are not going to make it. Do not argue about the money. Do not argue about the IRS. Don't argue about anything other than this is a violation of the Fourth Amendment. It is a violation of our privacy. And, by the way, the right to privacy has been defined as the right to be left alone. Now, you're never going to be left alone. Ever. The government is never going to mind its business, because everything you do, and every penny you spend, will now be charted."

Noting the new proposal's assurance that wage income will not count toward the $10,000 threshold, Glenn pointed out that "Of course, you won't count their salary. You [the IRS] already have a record of that. You already have the W-2. So, please don't tell me that, 'oh, we're not counting everything.' Yes, you are."

Additionally, the U.S. Treasury is now proposing taxing "unrealized capital gains" — only for the billionaires, of course. The problem is, "it never stops there," Glenn argued.

"I just want to remind you, that's what they said at the beginning of the IRS: 'This is only going to be for millionaires. This is not going to affect anybody else.'
Once you give them this power, it will never be given back," he said. "All of this is to do one thing. And that is to complete the goal of the plan with the slogan Build Back Better ... this is destroying everyone's wealth, no matter how rich or poor you are."

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