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'This is NOT normal': Glenn Beck warns THIS is why the Fed keeps printing more money despite inflation

'This is NOT normal': Glenn Beck warns THIS is why the Fed keeps printing more money despite inflation

Time is of the essence.

Two years ago, Glenn Beck called out how the Federal Reserve was purchasing an unprecedented amount of U.S. Treasury bonds — and its money-printing hasn't slowed down, despite insane inflation. Now, we know that the Fed is giving the banks $1.6 trillion every week.

From this point forward, the Fed may look like it's trying to fight inflation, but Glenn said he doesn't believe that's their real goal. They need to keep money pouring into the financial system because "that's how modern monetary theory works ... and that's what fuels the Great Reset," he explained on the radio program.

"Listen to what is coming, because I have done my homework on this. The reason why bonds are so cheap, and the stock market is going down, and bitcoin is going down, is because people who know, people who have a lot of money, are starting to sell because they're expecting, or at least fearing, a major crash. Not just a minor correction. They're starting to cycle out of these things. This is not normal," Glenn said.

"Two years ago ... not only did the Fed buy all the bonds offered by the Treasury, but it also virtually bought all bonds that were offered by sale from major institutions, the big banks, et cetera. The Fed's balance sheet ballooned from $3.7 trillion, that they told us, to $8 trillion from the second half of 2020 to September of 2021," he continued.

"The really important thing that you need to know ... and please, do your homework on this. Time is of the essence — the Great Reset, for this to work they have to have money to continue to flow into our financial institutions, our banks, Wall Street, and the government. It is essential that that happens. Cheap cash is the fuel for the reset machine. Without it, the Great Reset stops working. This is why I've said, take your money to a local credit union or a bank ... get your money out of these big banks."

Watch the video clip below to hear Glenn break it down. Can't watch? Download the podcast here.

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