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'God told me to do the movie': Actor Stephen Baldwin on new film and his promise to God

The Glenn Beck Program

'I had to go all the way or nothing at all'

Actor Stephen Baldwin joined Glenn Beck in the studio to talk about his new movie, ' The Least of These,' and the reason he made a "covenant" with God to communicate the Gospel of Jesus Christ through faith-based films.

'The Least of These' is based on the true story of Graham Staines, an Australian missionary who was killed in 1999 by religious extremists while working with leprosy patients in India. The film is set to open in theaters on Feb. 1.

Stephen also described his transformation from a "hard-living" thrill-seeker who considered skydiving to be "the greatest peace I have found," to becoming "a born-again" according to scripture.

"I made this covenant," Stephen said. "Supernaturally, I said to the Almighty, 'Here's the deal. If you reveal yourself in a way that I know it's you ... you'll have a pit bull on the front lines. Trust me.' And He kept His end of the deal ... so I had to go all the way or nothing at all."

"This film was difficult," Stephen added. "But, God told me to do the movie."

Watch the video above to catch more of the conversation.

Watch "The Least of These" trailer below:

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