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Glenn Beck issues direct challenge to Rep. Ilhan Omar after she accuses him of 'vile' lies on Twitter

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'Your personal life is yours, unless it interferes with the law.'

When former-Trump-supporter-turned-leftist David Weissman encouraged Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) to sue Glenn Beck for "incitement and libels," the freshman congresswoman responded by accusing Glenn of saying "vile untrue things" in a tweet Friday night.

"[T]his idiot doesn't have an inch of the love I have for our country!" she added.

"Congresswoman Omar. Please tell me how anything I said was 'untrue'. We'd seriously all like to to know because, by and large, you've refused to respond or provide information to show how any of the collected evidence is false," Glenn responded to Omar directly.

He followed up with a series of tweets in which he detailed much of the "collected evidence" against Omar and challenged her to respond to the allegations about campaign finance violations, her marriage, immigration, and tax fraud, as well as her alleged support for terrorist organizations and anti-Semitism.

Here's what he wrote:

So far, Omar has responded predictably: with radio silence and avoidance.

"So, I tweeted a tweet-storm. And so far — I just want to let you know — so far, no response," Glenn said on Monday's radio program. "Surprisingly [Omar] hasn't answered a single one."

"Maybe anyone who is on Twitter in this audience should start retweeting this particular tweet, to see if she can answer any one of the questions you've asked her here," Stu suggested.

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

Watch the full episode here.

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