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Democrat DEBUNKS fake news about Michigan's armed lockdown protests

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Here's what REALLY happened

Organizational psychologist, author, and speaker Dr. Karlyn Borysenko joined Glenn Beck on the radio show Thursday to set the record straight about what really happened at the anti-shutdown protests at the Michigan State Capitol recently, which have been spun by many in the media to look like a dangerous right-wing uprising of armed white supremacists.

Borysenko, a Democrat, attended a Trump rally in February and came away with the realization that much of the information circulating in the media is misleading at best -- at worst, blatantly false. Since then, she's been on a mission to find out first-hand what else the media isn't telling us.

"So there's this perception that the police were put in danger," Borysenko told Glenn. "That's absolutely untrue. The organizers of the rally coordinated with law enforcement literally every step of the way leading up to the rally. The day before the rally, during the rally, they coordinated with law enforcement to make sure there was a specific path kept open for the hospital, in case people needed to get there. Permits were issued. When they went into the capitol building, their temperatures were taken. It was all very orderly ... there wasn't an adversarial relationship. Everybody was working together."

She also explained that the viral image of a protester yelling at police actually shows the man yelling at somebody behind the police line, and noted that, though Michigan politicians say they were afraid of what was occurring at the rally, only one person was arrested: a Democrat.

Watch the video below for the details:

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