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Millions of Muslims brutally tortured in China's 'training' camps. Refugee gives horrific details.

Millions of Muslims brutally tortured in China's 'training' camps. Refugee gives horrific details.

There’s been a lot of outrage lately about migrants, refugees, and asylum. The left and the mainstream media have used the plight of the caravan migrants as one of their flagship, torch-bearing issues to slam the Trump administration’s border policies. Many have even compared the situation to the Jews seeking asylum during the Holocaust.

What we’re not even talking about is the plight of actual endangered refugees, people who, right now, are facing torture and death for the "crime" of believing in the "wrong" God.

During a National Press Club meeting in Washington, D.C., 29-year-old Mihrigul Tursun, a member of the Uighur Muslim minority, detailed the horrific torture and abuse that she and up to 2 million other members of religious minorities suffered at the hands of the Chinese government.

Speaking to reporters, Tursun said she was detained in one of China's internment camps known as "ethnic unity training centers." Her head was shaved and she was interrogated for four straight days without sleep. She was forced to abandon her native language, religion, and cultural practices. Every day she was forced to memorize and sing songs praising the Communist Party. She was given electroshock treatment until she foamed at the mouth and passed out. The last phrase she remembers before losing consciousness was, “Being a Uighur is a crime.”

In 2015, Tursun was detained for the first time. She was separated from her infant triplets. When she was released three months later, one of her infants had died while the other two had had operations for unknown reasons. Tursun would be detained twice more over the following three years.

During her third internment, Tursun spent three months in a tiny prison cell with 60 other women. The women were forced to take mysterious pills and drink white liquid that caused bleeding and disrupted menstruation. Tursun said nine of the women in her cell died during her three months there.

She was eventually released with orders to return to China, but from Cairo, Tursun was able to contact U.S. authorities and she came to the United States in September.

On Wednesday's episode of "The Glenn Beck Radio Program," Glenn reacted to Tursun's horrifying account and the way the mainstream media seem to ignore the plight of these "real refugees."

"Now where’s the left and the mainstream media’s outrage?" Glenn asked. "These are the actual refugees. These are the people we have seen on television being set on fire in cages — and they [in the media] don't seem to care."

"They have this outrage and this broken heart for the group of mainly men ... coming here for jobs and education. They're not talking about the actual plight of endangered refugees — people that need asylum as a matter of life and death," he continued.

"Why haven't we heard this story on the news today? She [Mihrigul Tursun] is in our country. She was talking about a country we are currently trying to decide what do we do on trade with that country," Glenn added. "Two million people are being tortured and we're talking about the refugees on the border."

Watch the video clip above to hear more from Glenn. Read more here.

If you'd like to take action to help people like Mihrigul Tursun, join Glenn and Mercury One in their mission to provide aid to Christians and other persecuted religious minorities around the world.

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